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Save money on Furnace Repair

What The ….!

It is inevitable that every homeowner will experience furnace problems at one time or another throughout the life of their heating system. Even worse, they may find themselves facing the dreaded “no heat” situation that seems to happen at exactly the wrong time.

Say Ahhh….

Regular furnace “check ups” should be performed on all furnaces and heating systems. Furnace repairs can be costly and should be  prevented if at all possible. Regular furnace maintenance is not only necessary but can save you big money over the life of your unit.


Furnace companies in Calgary are very familiar with the late night repair calls or the weekend emergency repairs. The cost of these nonscheduled repairs including to open up  suppliers after hours can send a regular repair through the roof.

The answer is…

When searching for  a furnace repair company, try to use a company that has flat rate pricing. This will ensure that whether day or night…or even the weekend…your price will be the same…No Overtime Rates.

Better still!

Always have your furnace maintained regularly, some of which you can perform yourself if you are handy. Replacing the furnace filter is one of the easiest and most overlooked maintenance items that a homeowner can do themselves. General cleaning around the unit and keeping furniture and appliances from blocking heat and air vents are also important.

Last but not least!

The rest of the maintenance should be performed by a qualified professional and should include:

  • Regular cleaning of the furnace and ducting.
  • Replacing belts, etc if necessary.
  • Lubricating all necessary motors, bearings, etc.
  • Visual inspection of all airways and combustion chambers,etc.
  • Testing of all operations and run through of the systems, etc.
  • Multi point inspection including amp draw of motors, etc

Performing regular maintenance can definitely prevent costly repairs and catch faulty or worn out parts before it gets worse. Remember regular check ups don’t just apply to your car.

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