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How Much Does A New Furnace Cost in Calgary?

Old Furnace Problems     

When your old heating system has served you well over the years without recognition, it can start to  become the unsung hero of your home comfort. Whether old or new, furnaces in Calgary have to survive our harsh, cold winters. Most owners rely on their home furnace to maintain a constant comfortable temperature that they gently massage up and down day to day throughout the year to meet their heating needs. Most people do not give any consideration to their  heating system toiling away in the basement until they start to encounter problems.

No Heat…  No Problem!

Sometimes when your furnace breaks down, it seems as though replacement is your only option. Although this may be a stressful situation to cope with, we would recommend having a company that you trust and use on a regular basis, to advise you of your options. In most cases, a furnace repair is all that is required, but if not, your furnace company should be able to assist you with providing or advising in regards to temporary heat for your home to bridge the gap until you have your new furnace installed.

Your Furnace Prices Are Getting Warmer

In a perfect world it is always better if you can replace your furnace in the “off season” when the weather is warmer and furnace companies are not as busy. They will have more time to spend with you, helping you to understand your homes needs and the options that are available for your heating system. Generally you may find a lower price and better availability at this time of year.

Choose Your Furnace Wisely

When people shop for a car they take their time and make sure it will suit their needs and budget, not to mention other factors such as comfort, color, make, model, manual vs auto, power accessories and much more. The same should be done when shopping for a new furnace / heating system. Take time to understand your home heating needs and the furnace options that are available, that may make your life more comfortable.Choosing a system that is right for you and your home makes a lot of sense and in the long run. The unit you choose will replace your old furnace and should operate smoothly for many years to come. Doing the  proper research is very important.

The Furnace Price Is Right!

Sometimes when shopping for a new furnace or heating system you may be tempted to focus on price only. You are not alone, this is how most people make choices, especially if they are not familiar or comfortable with the products.  This process of price shopping is exactly what you want to do….but first you should:

  • Research reputable, furnace replacement companies to find at least three that have good products, warranties, reliability and are recognized as doing business in your area for many years..
  • Have the companies you have chosen visit your home and have them explain their recommendations,etc.  as well as pricing. Take time to make all necessary notes that you can refer to later. Ask for a detailed quote with all the options etc. you have discussed.
  • Finally, review all the furnace quotes, taking all options, brands, accessories, as well as all makes and models, just as you would a new car. Use all of this information to make your final decision. Keep in mind that the company you choose, you may have to deal with regularly in the future so choose wisely.

Keep Warm And Press On

If you have done your homework and have made good choices you should be set to enjoy your new heating system for many years. Treat your new furnace in the same manner you would treat a new car and the frequency and cost of furnace repairs should be low. Keep, close at hand,  the name of the heating company that did your furnace installation. Have them perform the regular servicing and scheduled maintenance …and keep warm.

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