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Furnace Cleaning 101

Nice and Toasty…

Your furnace allows your home to stay warm inside when the Calgary winter weather drops below zero. For you, the home owner, this is very convenient and is in most part an automated process where your thermostat turns your furnace on and off all day to maintain a constant temperature. Gone are the winters where you had to forage for wood to burn to keep your house warm.


Yeah Mule!

Nowadays your only contribution is to pay your gas bill and keeping the furnace in good working order.  Furnace maintenance may seem less heroic than getting out the team of Clydesdales to drag the logs back to your log cabin in the forest, but it is every bit as important….if you want to stay warm.


Take care…

It may sound odd, but your furnace needs to be cared for, not unlike the horses and oxen of the days of old. Keeping your furnace in good shape is critical to the efficiency and reliability to get you through the harsh winters of Calgary without experiencing any emergency furnace repairs.


Check it out…man.

Furnace cleaning is one of the items that is often overlooked, but should be included as a part of your yearly furnace servicing. Think about it, your furnace recirculates the air you breath throughout your home 24hrs a day, all year long. Make that air as clean and fresh as possible… its called air quality.


Just do it!

Most people are unaware of what should be done to keep a home heating system running smoothly all year long. It is very simple… have your furnace serviced and cleaned once a year by a reliable furnace company and replace your furnace filter regularly.


What else?

Generally, you should a try to be aware of how your furnace behaves and sounds when it is functioning properly. This will assist your in recognizing any small anomaly that might occur. You can always call a furnace expert to clarify if it is an issue to be dealt with before it becomes a costly repair.

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