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Do You Really Need A Furnace Repair?

Please note: Only qualified personnel should attempt to service and or perform repairs of any furnace and/or any other equipment or system.

Furnace not working? Don’t worry, there are some simple checks you can perform if you are qualified. Some furnace repairs can be as simple as flipping a power switch, some others may require special tools and equipment.

Here are some simple checks that can be performed that might get your home furnace running again:

  1. Check the pilot light.Not all furnaces have a pilot light, but if it does, this may be the issue. If you are qualified, you should check to see if the pilot is lit and if not follow the relighting instructions  on the furnace. If the pilot does not stay lit you may have to call to have someone perform an operational inspection and diagnosis.
  2. Check The vents.If you’re qualified, check the nut holding the thermocouple and tighten slightly if it is loose. Try to relight the pilot and it should stay lit. Otherwise an operational inspection and diagnosis is required.
  3. Check the thermostat batteries and breaker. If the batteries in your thermostat are old or weak they should be replaced, also check to see that the circuit breaker is not tripped.
  4. Check the filters.Change your furnace’s filters regularly (or clean them, if you have permanent filters). This helps to maintain a good airflow in the home and can prevent potential problems.


If none of these work, you may need a more in-depth repair. For furnace repair in Calgary, we’d be happy to come take a look—just give us a call!

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